YEAR2020 DELIVERABLESIllustration CLIENTTiny Clouds «Profile pictures» When we started to lay the base for our own student agency during our first internship-period at Medieinstitutet. We needed profile pictures for everyone involved. 


YEAR2020 DELIVERABLESPhotographyVideographyVideo editingDirection CLIENTDouble Cloud «Video & Stills kit» I helped Double Cloud with visual content for their new website and to use as social media marketing material to market their business. Main presentational video for Double cloud. Short portrait videos of the founders/owners Short presentational video for Fredrik Videos about […]


YEAR2019 DELIVERABLESIdea workCopyUXVisual DesignPresentation CLIENTSchool project Jaktia – Redesign website This is a group school project where the task was to update the Jaktia website.


YEAR2020 DELIVERABLESUXVisual Design CLIENTBureau of Innovation B O I During the first phase of the corona pandemic, we at Tiny Clouds took on a number of projects, this is one of them. Derived from a brilliant idea about how to match innovation, ambition and creativity – Bureau of Innovation or BOI for short.


YEAR2020 DELIVERABLESIdea workCopyUXVisual DesignPresentation CLIENTSchool project «Experience By Haglöf» This is a school project where the task was to produce a digital product for two platforms for one of two preselected companies. I choose Haglöfs, a Swedish company which sells clothes and equipment for outdoor life. A while back I heard one of my teachers […]


YEAR2020 DELIVERABLESUXVisual DesignCreative DirectionAnimationVideo editingPresentation CLIENTSchool project WOS Weather Opportunity System This is a school assignment where we were commissioned to design an app for Craft Sportswear. The starting point was to create a product based on the Swedish saying “there is no bad weather, just bad clothes”. The task was also to think of […]


YEAR2020 DELIVERABLESVideo editingUX design CLIENTDevies «Videohero» As thanks for letting Tiny Clouds house in their office space, I helped Devies to update their websites hero with a short video to be played as a background on their main page devies . se